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Back in time – why the 70s are good.

In the field of interior design, there are many elements and trends emerging that we could already see in the 70s. The most important attributes of that time – “louche” and “marquetry” – a special type of wood mosaic. It was them that interior designers tried to implement at the most fashionable shows.

Today many people want to return to the noisy, glamorous atmosphere of discos and nightclubs from the 70s. The fashion trends of those years are dominated by bright, bold patterns, neon colors, strange, surreal details. This time is characterized by courage and freedom, which is reflected in music, photography, and also in interior design. Here you can see the details of the style that we are traditionally used to call “retro” – luminous, incisive, voluminous inscriptions, collages, cartoon characters and proportions. At that time, plastic furniture or natural materials were popular – wood, rattan, clay accessories. The furniture had a characteristic chocolate shade. Usually, pillows with bright ethnic prints are placed on it. The facing stone is another warm reminder of the 70s. And of course, you can’t do without a bright orange accent set on a calm, neutral tone or dark – black, gray backgrounds. Patterns on dishes, bright flower pots will add comfort and warmth to the atmosphere.

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