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How to sell a house?

There are two options for selling: on your own or through a real estate agency.

On the one hand, you have complete control over the situation and you yourself set the price and terms of sale. Though one have to spend really much time on all the procedures.

By contacting an agency, you will save time, but you will face a number of difficulties. First is the agent’s commission. Realtors can take a commission from the buyer, thereby overestimating the value of the house, and postpone the sale “for later.” The appraiser from the agency is interested in reducing the value of the home.

The cost directly affects the timing of the sale of real estate: the higher it is, the longer the ad will hang on sites selling real estate. In order to sell a home quickly, it is important to indicate the real value.

A pre-prepared package of documents will shorten the time to prepare the house for sale. This will attract buyers. You can raise the value of a house if it is: in an area with good infrastructure or in the center of a talk, in a picturesque area with a beautiful view from the window (for example, on the river bank). Most would prefer to buy a house in good condition rather than a property that requires additional investment. Fresh renovations, the visual appeal of the house, technical equipment (heating, water supply and electricity) increase its cost.

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