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Innovative ways to support your home

Each house needs renovation and renovation over time. With the current number of new technologies and innovations, it is very easy to support a home with innovations, all technologies are available.

What new innovations are relevant today

Self-repairing concrete

It seems that this is something from the realm of fantasy. In fact, it’s not like that. Self-healing has been seen in molluscs, whose shells contain high amounts of minerals and vitamins that provide shell firmness and regeneration. Then the experts thought about creating a similar material for construction – this is how a new type of concrete turned out. It is very elastic, it is not afraid of cracks. After heavy loads, it is independently repaired – the water from the sediments starts the formation of calcium carbonate, which holds all the cracks together.

Color Changing Brick

The special technology of brick making gives it an unusual velvety look. It’s all about the application of small vertical grooves – they absorb light differently at different times of the day depending on the angle of light, which makes the color deeper and gives it a velvet look.

Peat blocks for wall insulation

An excellent eco-friendly option for improving your home. The processed peat, together with straw, sawdust and chips, is formed into special briquettes, which perfectly retain heat indoors in the cold season and provide sound insulation.

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