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How does your home affect your mood?

Our home is where we spend most of our time. This is the place where we sleep and relax. One way or another, the environment in the home affects our physical and psychological health.

Color solutions

Many people prefer to use their favorite colors in the interior. This is not entirely correct. Vibrant colors at the end of the day can lead to fatigue. Too dark and dull drive you into depression, lead to sad thoughts. Therefore, it is important to combine the shades correctly so that they look harmonious, do not cause fatigue, and contribute to a good mood.

Decor items

For a long time, psychologists protested against the establishment of various paintings and landscapes in homes and offices. But now we know that images of nature have a positive effect on thought processes, normalize blood pressure, and restore calm breathing. On the contrary, images of the city evoke anxiety, haste, and anxiety.

Also the scientists noted that the more various objects in the house, the harder it can be to concentrate on a certain matter or thought.


To create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, choose upholstered furniture with the least amount of sharp angles. Smooth lines and smooth surfaces.

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