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How to make your cherished dream come true?

London is a large modern metropolis that offers job opportunities, life close to famous landmarks, and the beautiful scenery of the Thames.

Before moving to London, you should consider looking for housing.

London is conventionally divided into districts. The most expensive and elite part of the city is the western part. Once in this part of the city, you can find the very romantic atmosphere of English films.

The east of the city is a place of noisy parties for young people. There are many clubs, discos and bars here. The southern part of the city is mostly populated by African Americans – not the safest area.

Housing prices

Housing prices are very high due to high demand. The cost is highly dependent on the area. It is better to look for an apartment through an agency, because with an agreement with the owner, you can stumble upon scammers and be left homeless.

Food prices

Products can be bought at different prices. Basically, if you buy in a chain of retail stores, then the prices are reasonable, while there is a wide variety. You can choose products to suit any budget.


To travel by public transport, it is better to purchase a travel card, which includes the metro, ground transportation. This does not include water transport. The price of a monthly pass will be approximately £ 30, and for a year – 1,300.

Consider our advice if you are considering moving to London to plan your move and life.

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