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Where is the best place to buy property in England

All cities are good in their own way. Some are better for hanging out, others for shopping, and others for life. In order to profitably purchase real estate for housing, it is worth considering these features. Among the British, a kind of rating of cities has formed that are best suited for life and where it is better to buy real estate. Let’s consider them in more detail.


This city is located in North Yorkshire. This city combines a wide variety of entertainment – there are theaters, delightful parks, famous tea houses. Exhibitions, scientific congresses, festivals are often held here. This city is well suited for both young people and older people. A large number of investments are spinning in this city: the state and private entrepreneurs are actively investing. Buying real estate in this town will not be cheap – be prepared to pay a pretty big sum. Moreover, frame buildings will cost much more.


The city is located near Manchester, 253 km from London. There are simply amazing landscapes here. The city stands on a hill, on the banks of two rivers. In addition to the historical part, there are many restaurants, cinemas, theaters, shopping centers.


It is a port city and is located 80 miles from London. There is a very extensive market for professions here: anyone can find a job – from an engineer to a furniture maker. Transport is very well developed here, not only local, but also international. There are many businesses and entertainment here. The house is not cheap here, but it’s definitely worth it.

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