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Rent Growth Outside London – Peak In 4 Years!

London is a city where a huge number of people from all over the world flock. To stay in London for a long time will require a large amount of money, which not everyone can afford. Buying real estate is also a very difficult and time-consuming issue. Renting is a good solution. But the cost of rent is no less than buying a home – sometimes even higher. Therefore, many people choose to rent accommodation outside of London. There, housing can be rented at a lower price. It was. But today rental prices have reached unprecedented heights – they have reached their maximum compared to previous years!

What is the reason for the rise in prices

London is a very noisy and active city. Here, as in all megacities, life is in full swing. Many Londoners just want to get away from the hustle and bustle – for this they are looking for opportunities to relax outside the city. To relax for a few days or at least on weekends, you will need accommodation. Of course, no one will buy an apartment or a house for the sake of a few days – for such cases, rent is needed. The need for such outings has only been growing among Londoners lately – along with it, the cost of renting outside London is growing.

Another factor is rental housing by those who aspire to London, but cannot afford to rent housing in London itself.

The third factor is that the demand is too high, and there are not so many offers. This is what allows landlords to raise their rental prices.

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